Impact Philanthropy Africa members visit the Chandaria Langata Women’s Prison Workshop

Impact Philanthropy Africa members visit the Chandaria Langata Women’s Prison Workshop

November 29, 2022: More than 15 members of Impact Philanthropy Africa joined a field visit to the Langata Women’s Prison to see the Chandaria Langata Women’s Prison Workshop focused on entrepreneurship, vocational training and income generating interventions. The visit was organized by Chandaria Foundation and Clean Start Kenya.

The purpose of the visit was to see a program focused on women’s entrepreneurship; vocational training and income generating interventions. The visit provided an opportunity for members to get together in person and see developments that have been implemented at the prison by various charities, including Impact Philanthropy Africa member, Chandaria Foundation, who have been instrumental in supporting the launch of industrial level bakery and clothing textile workshops.

Impact Philanthropy Africa members visit the Chandaria Langata Women’s Prison Workshop

Prisoners who are part of the skills building and entrepreneurship training at the workshops showed the visitors the transformational work being undertaken in commercial bakery and tailoring. Members present committed to working together with Chandaria Foundation and Clean Start Kenya to scale up interventions geared towards economic and social empowerment; rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

A group of over 25 visitors in all were hosted by the Langata Women’s Prisons administration and Clean Start Kenya. These included:

  • Chandaria Foundation
  • Safaricom Foundation
  • KCB Foundation
  • Toyota kenya Foundation
  • DT Dobie/CFAO
  • MKU Foundation
  • DT Dobie
  • KTDA Foundation
  • KenGen Foundation
  • Co-operative Bank Foundation
  • KASNEB Foundation
  • Simba Corporation Foundation
  • Standard Group Media
  • Family Bank Foundation
  • Kenya Bankers
  • MRM
  • Impact Philanthropy Africa secretariat members

Other organizations represented included Rotary; Oxfam International; Global Peace Foundation, Rina Cake House; Caroline Kinoti Fashions and a representative of the Judiciary.

Why is this Important?

Statistics show that the criminal justice system impacts disproportionately on vulnerable women and children, in particular those from low income communities that lack economic and social empowerment. Clean Start Kenya, a key partner to Chandaria Foundation, advocates for systemic change within the Criminal Justice System. Some of the key Statistics are as follows:

  • 700,000+ women are in prisons around the world
  • 60% of children of imprisoned women are below the age of 10 years
  • 39% of imprisoned mothers do not know the whereabouts of their children
  • 90% of imprisoned women in Kenya are single parents and sole breadwinners
  • 69% of imprisoned women in Kenya are between the ages of 20 – 39 years

Clean Start works with women and children impacted by the Criminal Justice System, to restore dignity and hope for successful reintegration into society. Clean Start supports successful reintegration and transition for women, and their children, through employment training, psycho-social support, entrepreneurship, and vocational training, enabling them to find sustainable livelihoods post-release. They are a bridge for women leaving prison over stigma, isolation, pain and outrage, abandonment, depression, illness, and lack of economic and educational opportunities. They amplify the stories of resilience, hope, and change for formerly imprisoned women to support policy change and prison reforms. Clean Start achieves this by raising the government’s accountability towards formerly imprisoned women as a marginalised group.

About Chandaria Foundation
The mission of the Chandaria Foundation is to help citizens of African countries to improve their lives through various initiatives. The foundation also aims to make a valuable contribution towards the environment and the local ecology. Particular focus is placed on helping children and young people, and children with special needs.

About Clean Start Kenya
Clean Start Africa is a social enterprise registered in 2015 in Kenya. Clean Start is the only women-led organization in Kenya with 50% of the staff being formerly imprisoned and supporting their fellow imprisoned women to get out of the trenches and get back on their feet post imprisonment.

Our vision is to Re-imagine futures and Re-claim destinies.

Our mission-Clean Start works with women and Children Impacted by the Criminal Justice System to restore their dignity and hope for a successful reintegration.