NMG Foundation joins Impact Philanthropy Africa

Nairobi, Kenya. 29th August, 2023 This afternoon, the Nation Media Foundation, a branch of the Nation Media Group, and Impact Philanthropy Africa, a membership forum for private and corporate foundations, have today announced the commencement of a new partnership to support philanthropic giving in Kenya and neighbouring regions, at a signing ceremony between the NMG, GCEO Mr. Stephen Gitagama and the Impact Philanthropy Africa CEO, Ms. Patrica Mugambi-Ndegwa.

Through this collaboration, both groups will work hand-in-hand towards their common goal of harnessing the collective voice of philanthropic entities to engage the media and wider public policy sphere with an agenda for optimizing the conditions for creating social change. This is with the aim of growing local philanthropy and achieving greater impact on society at large.

This partnership is expected to further support the exchange of insights and best practices across relevant initiatives in philanthropy, CSI in Kenya and beyond, thus yielding positive results over time as more resources become available for philanthropic initiatives to spur innovation and growth.

Impact Philanthropy Africa Forum is therefore pleased to welcome Nation Media Foundation to its network of philanthropic partners. Philanthropic foundations play an important role in sustainable development, and in influencing lasting social change, touching lives and transforming communities.

This partnership will enable the further expansion and strengthening of impact locally, and in other African countries, as well as raise education and awareness on the various interventions being undertaken by Impact Philanthropy Africa members dedicated to making a positive difference on the continent.

About Nation Media Foundation:
The Nation Media Group (NMG) has set up a foundation, called the Nation Media Foundation (NMF), to enhance its participation and escalate initiatives aimed at achieving Sustainable Development Goals. The establishment of NMF will guide the group’s goal of positively impacting society as it continues to expand its brand portfolio within the region.

By forming strategic alliances with organizations sharing similar objectives, NMF intends to formalize and streamline NMG’s efforts towards consistent, intentional, and focused interventions that can reach a broader audience resulting in sustainable transformations. The foundation aims to act as a bridge between business and development, recognizing and enhancing the links between socio-environmental advancement and economic growth.

About Impact Philanthropy Africa:
Impact Philanthropy Africa is a forum of self-funded corporate and private charitable foundations working in Kenya, and Africa to create social impact. The aim of Impact Philanthropy Africa is to increase the societal impact of corporate and private giving in Africa, with a view to transforming lives by improving the social and economic status of communities, in alignment with achieving the SDGs and national human development goals. Impact Philanthropy Africa members are committed to the public benefit and their philanthropic purposes and are working to build a culture of corporate social investment (CSI) and influence policy through advocacy and thought leadership.

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