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Fit for Purpose is an Africa-focused strategic and technical advisory firm dedicated to helping leaders in global development magnify the impact of their work. They provide right-sized, on-the-ground support for effective partnerships across the public, private, and philanthropic sectors.

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Role of the Secretariat
  1. Advising on and elaborating the vision, mission, structure, governance and working modalities of the Forum through a consultative process.
  2. Planning, organizing, and facilitating the quarterly Forum meetings, documenting agreed actions and ensuring follow-up.
  3. Coordinating the generation and sharing of knowledge on good practice in CSI;
  4. Identifying and advancing opportunities for thought leadership and advocacy on burning and emerging issues of relevance to CSI in Kenya.
  5. Developing advocacy and communication strategy, including the elaboration of tactics, channels, key messages and products to advance the Forum’s shared agenda