Philanthropy and the Uptake on COVID-19 Vaccinations

Philanthropy and the Uptake on COVID-19 Vaccinations

The Covid-19 pandemic shocked countries the world over.  Countries were affected economically, politically, socially and on very personal levels for citizens around the globe. Two years later, we are still dealing with the consequences and are moving forward to ensure a future where Covid-19 can be eradicated through vaccinations.

The Ministry of Health, in Kenya, had a goal of vaccinating as many as 10 million Kenyans with the covid-19 vaccine, to stop the spread and to ensure Kenyans good health.  So far “Our World in Data” shows that as of August 2022, only 9.35m (17.4%) of the Kenyan population are fully vaccinated. The vaccines were not accepted whole-heartedly by many Kenyans, and the government needed a solution. 

Impact Philanthropy Africa’s partner, Mastercard Foundation together with and other partners, have come together to support various projects technically and financially, that have greatly impacted the take on vaccinations, in many African countries and not only Kenya.

Engaging local communities has been key to improving the COVID-19 vaccine response, and in the long run, making a healthy and positive impact on the community and country.

The Impact Philanthropy Africa Newsletter will be featuring these projects over the upcoming editions, to highlight the work being done in ensuring all Kenyans, and Africans, are vaccinated against Covid-19. 

In our 10th Edition (June newsletter) we featured Green Sports Africa, an MCF partner making an immense impact in the community through sports.

Listed below are other projects, working in conjunction with our partner Mastercard Foundation.

ALA (African Lion Advisory) Training:

Motorcycles (locally known as boda-bodas) and tuk-tuks are a popular form of public transport across the continent. The operators pose a potential risk of spreading the virus due to their interaction with passengers daily. ALA Training have been training the operators in Tanzania on the COVID-19 safety protocols via a USSD curriculum, with the aim of converting them from potential super “spreaders” to super “savers”. The operators in turn become COVID-19 prevention protocol ambassadors. The operators are incentivised to complete the short training and win merchandise that includes reflector jackets, stickers (for tuk-tuks), a packet of disposable face masks and hand sanitizers, at the end of the training.

Their target is to reach 10,000 boda-boda and tuk-tuk operators in Tanzania.

Telwan Communications

Telwan are producing a 12-episode TV show ‘Africa Health Check’ (Season 2).

The show dissects the effects of Covid-19 on day-to-day activities of the communities, highlights the Africa CDC engagements during the pandemic era, its vaccination drive, and a focus on incredible African stories from various African communities. Most importantly, the show includes Africa CDC content on vaccination awareness in form of interviews, short features, statistics etc.

The Telwan Communications project also seeks to broadcast partnerships to help in the distribution of the show, to reach a wider audience thus impacting many communities.

Trace Eastern Africa

Trace Eastern Africa, which operates a Kenyan radio station Trace FM, deploys a vaccination awareness campaign that uses a combination of television, online and offline channels, a strategic variety of voices and opinion leaders, coupled with targeted and specific on-ground events in Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, Senegal, and Kenya. These efforts include:

  • Using TRACE’s leverage and expertise in the creative and entertainment industries to engage international and local celebs and influencers from the four African countries to co-create a host of content.
  • Hosting TRACE in the City campus tours pushing the #ItsUpToUs initiative in exciting, celebrity-led campus activations that also involve influencers.
  • Producing a host of promotional content for the different stages of the campaign and engage TRACE media network and radio and Free to Air TV partners, digital presence, and mobile network partners to reach over 400 million young Africans driving massive awareness about the #ItsUpToUs initiative.
  • Engaging media audience to produce user generated content (UGC) testimonial clips of people getting vaccinated and engagement during the awareness activities with celebrities and influencers.