Impact Philanthropy Africa embarks on strategic research on the State of Philanthropy in Kenya

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Impact Philanthropy Africa is delighted to announce that it will be embarking on strategic research on the State of Philanthropy in Kenya with support from M-PESA and Mastercard Foundations.

The biggest challenge to growing local philanthropy in Kenya and the region is the lack of consistent, up-to-date data and information on trends relating to African and local giving (who gives what, the cumulative amount given annually, where philanthropies are giving and how giving is creating and can create impact). The lack of information has resulted in a lack of evidence to inform programming and advocacy with government, communities and other key stakeholders. The data and evidence gathered in the upcoming research will be used to publish an authoritative publication: ‘State of Philanthropy in Kenya’ The research and publication will also be used for advocacy and awareness-raising, to influence behaviour and advance the strategic nature of philanthropy in Kenya and beyond by:

  • Building commitment and interest in philanthropy
  • Advancing thought leadership on corporate and private giving
  • Providing examples and case studies of strategic corporate and private giving
  • Drawing on the content and feedback processes to advocate for change, including the regulatory change that would incentivise philanthropy.

The proposed ‘State of Philanthropy in Kenya’ Research and Publication directly contributes toward the objectives of Impact Philanthropy Africa and is viewed as a critical part of the journey to influence and change the behavior of corporate and private giving in Kenya.

This research intends to capture up-to-date, relevant data and information on Kenya’s corporate and private giving trends. The proposed research will go a long way in addressing the challenge of the lack of such information.

The strategic research will focus on the following broad objectives:

  1. To provide a better understanding of the status of philanthropy in Kenya – a comprehensive literature review on the state of philanthropy in Kenya and the African region.
  2. To provide a profile of corporates and private givers in Kenya, their sectoral and geographic area of focus.,
  3. To establish the cumulative amount given annually and the trends over time
  4. To assess how giving is creating or can create an impact

The Nairobi Securities Exchange has pledged to support Impact Philanthropy Africa in engaging publicly listed companies in the strategic research.