The Family Group Foundation

Before 2012, FBL, KOIL and DPL each separately engaged in a number of CSR activities and in time found that this strategy of small and scattered interventions did not deliver the desired outcome. A review of this approach led to a recognition of the advantages to be had in acting corporately for the social good, and led to the founding of The Family Group Foundation.

The foundation is focused on the expansion and restructuring of selective CSR activities previously ran by its founding sponsors, as well as the initiation of new interventions that are more responsive to the challenges impacting Kenyan families.

The aim is to uplift the conditions of those at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP), especially families and to minimize their “…poverty of dignity”.  The foundation seeks to make targeted and effective interventions for the most vulnerable members of the family. A ‘dignified family’ that is ‘Bankable and free from want’ is what the foundation aspires to. In the current Strategic Plan, the Foundation has incorporated the Shared Value Concept. This means that the ultimate guiding principle that has been applied to TFGF’s institutional development and programmatic outlook is to maximize social impact while at the same time realizing the Bank’s Business Intentions”

The Family Group Foundation’s mission is to uplift the African family by catalysing transformative change in the areas of education, health, agriculture, youth development and enterprise.